Grandmaster of Demonic Cooking

Grandmaster of Demonic Cooking is a fanmade, pay-for-production, MDZS Cookbook Zine centered around the characters of MDZS and the theme of food and cooking. The project will feature a physical zine with work by chefs, writers, and page artists; as well as physical merchandise.

🛒 preorders open: June 23-July 14

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frequently asked questions

What is a zine?
A zine (short for fanzine) is an unofficial publication produced by fans.
What are the zine specifications?
The physical cookbook zine will be spiral-bound for ease of access, measuring 8.5" x 8.5" (inches).
The content rating is SFW and PG-13.
What is the theme for this zine?
This zine is centered around food and the main characters of MDZS (魔道祖师)! In addition to canon settings and designs, AUs may also be featured in the zine.
Will there be a digital release of the zine?
Upon completion of the project, the zine PDF will be posted for public viewing and personal use.
Are ships allowed in this zine?
In addition to WangXian - the canon pairing in MDZS - all and any platonic relationships are welcome, and side ships are allowed as long as they adhere to SFW guidelines.
Will this project be for-profit?
This project will be Pay for Production (P4P). Consumers will be paying the base unit price for production, shipping/packing supplies, and shipping cost. The cost for funding contributor bundles will also be included into the final buying price.
How will contributors be compensated for their participation?
All contributors will receive a full bundle, shipping included. Additional merchandise will be offered at base production cost.
Can I apply for more than one position?
You are free to apply to any position(s), but note that you will only be accepted for one.
What are the contributor expectations?
- Page artists: 1 illustration
- Merch artists: 2 merch designs
- Writers: 1.5k ~ 2.5k word fic
- Chefs: 2-3 recipes
Is this a limited-edition project? / Will there be reprints or reruns after the initial sales period?
Yes, this is a limited-edition project. As of now, we do not have plans to print the zine or merch items again.
Will merch be available for purchase individually outside of bundles?
Physical merchandise will only be available through the offered bundles during the preorder period.
Where is this project shipping from?
Shipping will take place from the USA.
Will Group Orders (GOs) be available for non-USA countries to save on shipping costs?
We will only be organizing a UK/EU GO. Everyone else is expected to place an order in the shop.
Who are the mods for this project?
The mods for this zine are Kim, Cate, Shii, and Pong. Feel free to learn more about the mods here.
Have more questions?
Feel free to drop any more questions in our email or social media DMs, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

schedule (2024)

Interest CheckJanuary 1 - 20
Chef & Writer ApplicationsJanuary 20 - February 17
Results SentFebruary 24
Acceptance DeadlineMarch 2
Concept CheckMarch 16
Check-In 1 (30-40%)April 6
Check-In 2 (60-70%)April 27
Finals Due (100%)May 18
Preorder Prep/FormattingMay - June
PreordersJune 23 - July 14
ProductionJuly - September
Leftover SaleTBA
Project Wrapped/PDF ReleaseTBA

*Dates may be subject to change.

project moderators




  • BIO: Cate is always tired and in need of help. Her mom got her into MXTX lol.

  • EXPERIENCE: TGCF Cookbook, HQ!! Pokemon Zine, Catte Latte




  • BIO: Hello! I'm Kim and my favorite food is hainanese chicken rice. So excited for this!

  • EXPERIENCE: TGCF Cookbook, Ranwan Calendar





Application Guidelines


  • All submissions must be SFW. Applications containing NSFW will be disregarded.

  • All links must be accessible to the mods. If you submit a Google Drive file, please ensure it is publicly viewable.

  • MDZS samples are encouraged, but not required.

  • All applicants must be at least 16 years of age.


  • Submit 3 individual samples that best showcase your writing style.

  • The maximum word count per sample is 2,500 words, for an overall maximum of 7,500 words.

  • Your application will be judged based on your overall ability and style. Key points of focus will include: characterization, flow, plot, grammar, and mechanics.


  • Submit 2-3 original recipes. At least 1 of the recipes must be accompanied with a picture of the end result.

  • The recipes must indicate serving sizes and include both imperial and metric measurements.

  • Your application will be judged based on your overall ability to create recipes that are clear, concise, and tasty.